The rise of local and niche job boards over the past 5 years is no accident. They tend to cost much less than the big nationalsites while providing a more targeting recruitment experience. In short, they work. It's all about their professional focus and quality results they deliver.There are niche job boards for nearly every industry and locale.

There are several benefits to using niche job boards. First, little to no advertising money is wasted targeting unqualified candidates. Because the high profile, general boards target all candidates, the result is that the vast majority of the candidates using those boards will not be interested in the position posted by the employer because it falls outside of their career path or skill level."

Employers posting on the big boards are being flooded with Non-qualified Candidates, keeping them busy trying take care of the constantly altering technology, while adequately blocking through stack of candidates to obtain the qualified candidates.

While the big job boards still offer many job postings, they have likely reached their peak in terms of sales and usage by both employers and recruiters.

Employers continue to value candidates with very specific job skills and they are finding they can find these candidates more easily with job boards that target a “community” of professionals with background, and experience and education within a specialty.


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